Contractor Claim Services, Inc. Offers Complete Outsourced Insurance Claim Services For Roofers, General Contractors & Storm Damage Salespeople

Are you aware of how to document your clients losses? When submitting an insurance property claim, it helps to know exactly what’s been lost and how to properly get everything the property owner (your customer) is entitled too. As the general contractor, roofing contractor or salesman, you will need to inspect your clients property, survey and document all damage. With your detailed inspection, documentation and then outsourcing these services through Contractor Claim Services, Inc., you can expect an equitable insurance claim settlement offer.

If your clients residential or commercial property was damaged, be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy on the entire claims process if you handle this yourself. You will be asked to list and describe everything that your client has damaged and the cost to replace or repair those items. The most experienced storm damage contractors realize that this takes a lot of effort and financial resources, hiring office personnel, training and payroll to handle this segment, plus it takes away from your salespeople from making more sales.

The two most crucial steps to maxizing the claim, are “Identifying & documenting the damage,” and "preparing, documenting & processing" the claim but you nor your client will not get paid the money you are entitled to until you do so. Once you have finished these process's, you must begin negotiations with your clients insurance company or the chances of you getting what you are entitled to get smaller and smaller, Let the experience and knowledge of Contractor Claim Services handle these segments of your business.

Contractor Claim Services, Inc. are professionals that you can hire to document, process and negotiate your clients claim. We offer A la-Carte services or Complete turn-key packages like Xactimate, Insurance Claim Processing, EagleView, Acculynx, HailWatch, Telemarketers, Answering Services. We are your full-service storm damage outsource partner.

When your client files a claim, your contracting firm may be fine on it's own, or you may do better by hiring an experienced insurance claims specialist company. Contractor Claim Services, Inc. can your be your representative and advocate in the process of getting your clients claim processed and paid fast. The last thing you need when your clients have suffered a major loss to their personal property is extra headaches and problems. The claims process involves intensive paper work, math, and insurance claim knowledge, building codes, and negotiation for a fair settlement.

Our Mission Is To Offer A Complete Outsourced Support Office For Roofers & General Contractors That Needs Support With Handling Storm Damage Insurance Claims.
Xactimate, Eagleview, GeoEstimator, Acculynx, HailWatch, 24/7 Answering Services, Telemarketing Leads.

Services Can Be Ordered Ala-Cart Or Complete Package, Just Tell Us Your Needs!

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